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ZEEX is tackling crypto’s biggest challenge-buying products and services

About Zeex

Corporate currency (gift cards) is a growing global market, ballooning to more than $600B in 2017. Companies love corporate currency because it guarantees them income and consumers love it because it guarantees access to products and services. 
For Zeek, this was a major opportunity to create a marketplace for people to buy and sell gift cards, and Zeek has been growing at a pace that far exceeds the market. 
With the backing and know-how from Zeek, Zeex will offer the same convenience and usability to cryptocurrency users.


Though cryptocurrency has many advantages because of blockchain technology which is completely decentralised, there is still a barrier for cryptocurrency to get converted into easily available goods and services. 
Also, cryptocurrency is not widely accepted as a method of payment due to many reasons like government regulations, not easily convertible etc.

Gift cards:

Gift cards which are issued by retailers to the users also suffers from limitations like one cannot transfer his/her gift card to another person. 
Fraudulence is also a factor which can occur while issuing a gift card. Gift cards comes with an expiration date which means they possess value only for limited period. 
Once the gift card expires it is nothing but a piece of waste.


Zeex is creating a platform where the limitations of both cryptocurrency and gift cards can be solved. It is making it possible for the users to use their cryptocurrencies to buy goods and services via gift cards and exchange or transfer gift cards to one another. The user can store their cryptocurrency in Zeex app and then the app converts the cryptocurrencies into gift cards.

Zix Token:

Zix token has some basic functions which serves as a key to make cryptocurrency an efficient payment method.

1.) Zix token provides user a catalogue which contains a list of gift cards of high value. The user can then decide which gift card to purchase and to what extent. It also removes the biasness by giving gift cards to the users on first come first serve basis in case there is multiple demand for the same gift card.

2.) Zix token eliminates the interference of third party to a make sure whether the transaction is completed or not. Thus, this makes the transaction safe and secure for the users. Users need to provide Zeex with tokens to make their transaction safe and secure. Once the transaction is completed Zeex returns the tokens to the user.

3.) It provides user to give feedback about Zeex about the current market trends and followings so that Zeex can update them in their catalogue.

4.) Zix token also provides a direct gateway to Zeex platform thus eliminating the login via Facebook or Google. This takes care of privacy of users’ information.

How it Work:

Zeex protocol consists of three elements:

Suppliers encrypt their data of gift cards with the help of Swap key. Further these gift cards are stored in smart contracts.

Buyer sends the detailed information about his/her purchase including Buffer key and the payment. After complete verification smart contracts releases gift cards to the buyer and payment to the supplier.

After the transaction or a purchase swapper decrypts the gift card and re-encrypts it with buffer key. It is then sent to smart contract. This finalises the payment to the supplier.

Economy based on virtual gift cards

Virtual gift cards (retail vouchers) is a growing global market, ballooning to more than $600B in 2017. Companies love gift cards because they guarantee them income and consumers love them because they guarantee access to products and services. With the backing and know-how from our sister company Zeek, Zeex offers the same convenience and usability to cryptocurrency users. Gift cards are always accepted by the store, their value isn’t affected by market movements, they are accepted online or offline and their value in the store is the same regardless of in-store sales and discounts.

Token utilities

Zeex will offer owners of ZIX tokens a lifetime precedence for discounted corporate currencies over any other user, based on an offering catalogue

Among other utilities, the owner of a ZIX token will have the right to:

Priority – When there’s more demand than supply for highly-desirable assets, Zix token owners will have priority over other users to secure those assets.

2.) Pledge – Zix token owners will not have to wait long periods for transactions to clear, their tokens will be used as collateral to ensure an immediate settlement.

3.) Login – Zix token owners will have the ability to log into Zeex securely and anonymously using their token.


Q4 2017
Zeex Founded
February 2018
Blockchain based platform (internal release)
March 2018
Web application (alpha)
April 2018
Web application (closed group beta)
April 2018
Private Sale finished
May 2018
Zeex app live (webApp) with 100 brands Public Sale
Q3 2018
Android & iOS App (support crypto to corporate currency)
Q4 2018
App v2: corporate currency to crypto Expanding the offers to EUR,GBP,USD corporate currencies with more than 300 brands
Q1 2019
Self-service portal for suppliers and brands
Q2 2019
API connectors
Q3 2019
Expanding to new markets

Allowing businesses to generate ZIX blockchain based vouchers

Meet the team

Guy Melamed- Co-Founder & CEO
Ziv Isaiah- Co-Founder & CTO
Apan Amos Damri-CMO
Yaniv Barak- Head of Business Development
Rafi Glantz- Community Manager
Eyal Solnik- Operations Manager
Victoria Tsitrinbaum- Marcom Manager
Ilan Schifter- Blockchain Developer
Noam Malter- Chief Architect

Our advisors
Strategic Advisor

➜ Daniel Zelkind, CEO & Co-Founder of Zeek

Blockchain Advisor
➜ Eyal Hertzog, Foundation Council at Bancor
Fintech and Crypto Advisor
➜ Artūras Asakavičius, Co-Founder & COO of WePower
Blockchain Product Advisor
➜ Sebastien Stupurac, Co-Founder of Wings
Investments Advisor
➜ Gigi Levy-Weiss, Founding Partner NFX Guild
Financial Advisor
➜ Joseph Barnea, Chief Investment Officer of Delek Group
Investments Advisor
➜ Adrian Lai, Managing Partner of Orichal Partners
Cryptocurrency Advisor
➜ Ken Shishido, Bitcoin Evangelist
Strategic and Crypto Investment Advisor
➜ Sonic Zhang, Founder of ValueNet Capital
Tokenomics specialist
➜ Liron Langer, CIO at Nielsen Innovate
Zeex Ambassador
➜ Mai Fujimoto, Miss Bitcoin

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