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ZEUX – The First Crypto Mobile Payment and Investment Application

ZEUX is an official account service provider (AISP) and payment initiation service provider (PISP) ​​on PSD2. The ZEUX application will collect all account information and display it in a convenient user panel, which will be able to see the rest of all the different accounts and perform monetary tasks for all of these accounts.


ZEUX will act as an aggregator and implement investment products with available investment products and details listed in the application.
Because the ZEUX platform is an integrated system, this platform provides an excellent image of users’ financial activities. Therefore, the ZEUX platform will use AI and data analytics to recommend suitable and targeted investment objects based on investment preferences, financial profiles, risk appetite, and all other monetary information captured by the ZEUX platform.
Using the ZEUX application, customers can instruct the ZEUX platform to open the latest investment account with the right asset management provider. The ZEUX application will provide insight into consumers’ investment portfolios with psychiatry about investment actions and risk indicators.


ZEUX will provide a solution that offers a platform that offers a platform that gives you access to each of your financial products. ZEUX uses block technology that is safe, decentralized, distributed and provides its own digital money to facilitate opening and transactions that are safe, unchanged, open. This will be fast, safe, comfortable and reliable.


Secure controls: by creating your own data warehouse and user account, each user will receive a private private key

Zeux platform developers focus on using all the unique blockchain features, hackers are barely able to sabotage or steal user 
information and assets.

This project uses PSD2, a platform to help collect customer transaction data, if a problem arises, it will be resolved quickly, reducing stagnation for customers to use.

The Zeux platform provides access to a number of safe and promising investment websites for users to generate revenue.
Make cash transactions and profit with almost zero commissions
Zeux helps transfer money quickly and easily between fiat and crypto, you don’t need to go through an intermediary to solve problems.
With partners, COBINHOOD has experience in exchanging for qualifications to develop Zeux as a global financial solution through smart phones.

Zeux is currently authorized as an FCA EMD agent, they have a license to prove the activities of electronic organizations.

Zeux uses ZeuxCoin to make system fees, by maintaining it you can enjoy all token payments, investment discounts, and quick access to safe KYC services. Zeux also gives incentive gift customers and events to hold their coins.


Encryption of Personal Data
  • Encrypted personal data for the KYC (Know Your Customer) process is stored in the Personal Data Warehouse.
  • KYC verification history is stored in the blockchain using hashes.
  • Private keys are stored on the customer’s cellphone and are controlled by the customer.

Bank Level Security

  • The Zeux technology team has extensive industry experience in system security in financial services and in-depth knowledge on the blockchain.
  • Zeux uses multilayered security measures to ensure the safety and security of the system.


  • PSD2, also known as Open Banking, supports the main Zeux offer.
  • It provides a regulated platform from which we can obtain customer data to process financial services.
  • The features ultimately make it easier and more convenient to make payments and reduce delays for our customers.

  • Zeux adheres to strict financial rules and regulations to ensure the security and security of transactions and financial data of our customers.
  • Zeux is currently authorized as an EMD agent by the FCA, which gives him permission to conduct electronic money agency activities.


By holding ZeuxCoin, you can enjoy cashback on all crypto payments, get your crypto investment fee discounts and instant access to your secure KYC services. Zeux also gives our customers a gift that encourages active management and tracking of their assets and investments.

ICO details
• Token Symbol – ZUC
• Token Type – Utility Token
• Further Token Token – No
• Accepted Currency – BTC and ETH

Fund distribution

• User Acquisition process costs – 20%
• Technology development – 20%
• Compliance and licensing – 20%
• Exchange listing fees – 10%
• Marketing – 10%
• Infrastructure – 5%
• Business development – 5%
• Operational staff – 5%
• other costs – 5%

Useful links:

Reddit: user / ZeuxApp


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RIGHT. IT IS BETTER. Meritocratic.
Meritocratic laboratory. born out of a desire to spread a new concept of meritocracy and recognition of talent and commitment in modern society. In our Market, in agreement with our business partners, we provide and publish products and services that can be purchased using the ERC20 token called “MRC”, created specifically for the Blockitain Ethereum ecosystem MeritocraticLab. Ethics and purpose is to create a structure with a wide range of goods and services available to recognized people worthy of their commitment / talent, in the workplace / professional, student and / or sports.
For companies, institutions and associations, you can purchase the MRC token and distribute it among your employees (employees, students, athletes), because we believe that continued recognition of commitment and talent should always be recognized by encouraging people. For all owners of MRC tokens access to the Marketplace platform will be free. For those who have not received the MRC token, they can purchase a second token, called “MRT”, with which they can gain access to the Marketplace, always registering in the Personal Account.
The MRC marker will be limited in spending on activities aimed at personal growth and the utility of a person: there will no longer be any economic benefits that can be spent on vices and worthlessness (for example, tobacco, gambling, etc.), But there are always goods / services and yet they are aimed at improving the psychophysical well-being of a person (for example, training courses, language courses, vocational courses, hobbies, art, culture, music, libraries, libraries, sports associations, gyms, technical clothing, spa treatments, medicine nskie research, etc.).
If you want to become a business partner or just want to start receiving tokens, register in the reserved area, create your profile and start enjoying the benefits on the Marketplace.

Meritocratic laboratory. Developed 2 separate systems for the functioning of the structure and its stability. Meritocratic Marker (MRT) and Meritocratic Certificate (MRC):
Meritocratic Token (MRT) can be acquired by any interested person by accessing the Reserved Area. The token allows access to the Marketplace platform inside the Reserved Area, since this will be the only acceptable payment method for accessing it, the user can view the goods / services provided by MeritocraticLab and / or its partners, the
“Meritocratic Certificate” (MRC) can only be acquired exclusively by commercial partners (companies / associations) who are interested in distributing it among their employees (employees, employees) in accordance with the principle of recognition of merit. get access to the Marketplace platform inside the reserved area and can be spent on the purchase of goods / services provided by MeritocraticLab and / or its partners, as well as on the direct costs of partners associated with APP-mobile.

Max. Stand
Type of
1 € = 10 MRT (€ 0.10 per token)

Team / Partner
Decency / Founders

Meritocratic CERTIFICATE (MRC):
Max. Stand
Type of
1 € = 1 MRC

Funds received from the sale of MRT Meritocratic Token will be distributed as follows (proportionality may vary depending on business needs):
30% Operational and expansion of the structure
30% Property and operational expenses
20% Compensation of the team and new employees, development of management and mobile applications
20% Marketing and promotion, acquisition of new partners, orientation to the national / international market, incentives for making tokens





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Glyff - A Privacy preserving decentralized internet platform

Hello everyone, friends! Today I will tell you about the Glyff project, which plans to introduce blockchain technology in business and individual extraction to send money and information instantly via the internet, without the need for third parties.

About Glyff?

Blockchain technology is one of the most important inventions today and allows businesses and individuals to instantly send value or information over the Internet without the need for third parties to oversee the process.

However, the classical approach really excludes confidentiality, because all information and data transferred between parties must be open and accessible to the public to reach consensus. While most real-world applications in the fields of health, finance, Internet matters etc. require detailed data about their internal operations to remain private and not exposed through the public blockchain system.

New decentralized cryptocurrency allows untrustworthy actors to interact through smart, complex, secure contracts and without the need for trusted third parties. The blockchain model guarantees justice by parties' penalties in terms of contractual violations or malicious behavior, and compensation from honest actors. The current model however completely erases privacy: all the numbers transacted and the parties involved are exposed to the blockchain. We present Glyff, a decentralized smart contract system that focuses on privacy. Glyff hides the details of financial transactions from public view and offers privacy that can be programmed using cryptographic primitives called zero proof of knowledge.

Glyff is a decentralized internet platform that can provide transfers of personal assets and privacy that can be programmed for smart contracts.
Glyff has balanced data privacy and transactional security with computational efficiency, which ultimately provides an easy through through smart contract throughput to be easily programmed to the enterprise level while upholding the core principles of the blockchain. Glyff, like Ethereum, allows the development of decentralized applications, but with the main difference: the ability to hide data from computational nodes. This allows developers to enter sensitive data in their smart contracts, directly in the chain, without compromising security

The main features of the Glyff project?

☑️ Private transactions with the sender, recipient, and amount transferred are completely hidden.
☑️ Guarant️ Guaranteed integrity and strong anonymity property with zero-knowledge cryptography.
☑️ Non-specialist programmers can develop applications that focus on privacy, even without cryptographic knowledge.
☑️ Enables the use of smart contracts for decentralized applications that require personal computing and secure data.

We are building a new generation decentralized platform that enables the transfer of safe value and smart contract implementation, with complete confidentiality and with the assurance of strong truth. Glyff, like Ethereum, allows the development of decentralized applications, but with the main difference: the ability to hide data from computational nodes. This allows developers to enter sensitive data in their smart contracts, directly in the chain, without compromising security.

Personal cash transactions with the sender, recipient, and amount transferred are completely hidden. Guaranteed integrity and strong anonymity property with zero-knowledge cryptography. Provides a platform for the dissemination of cross-industry blockchain technology that meets real-world demands. Applications in Healthcare, Finance, IoT, e-Commerce, e-Governance will increase the social benefits of these sectors. Smart contract system that is easily programmed with advanced privacy features. Open source wallet application and cross platform developer framework.

Token information

Token: GLY
Token Type: ERC20

Pre-sale phase

Start date : 20 December 2018
End date : 19 January 2019
Token price : 0.11 USD
Discount :25%
Tokens for sale : 6,500,000

ICO phase

Start date : 20 February 2019
End date : 22 March 2019
Token price : 0.13 USD
Discount : None
Tokens for sale : 26,000,000


Initial distribution: 50,000,000 GLY
TGE (including pre-sale): 32,500,000 GLY
Glyff reserve: 7,500,000 GLY
Team and early contributors: 5,000,000 GLY
Community and strategic partners: 5,000,000 GLY


Q2/3 2018
Research starts
Prototyping of MVP consensus node and wallet (Sprout)

Q3/4 2018
Consensus node and wallet (early release)
Private test-net launch

Q1/2 2019
Publication of the first whitepaper working draft (Sapling)
Token generation event
Development and code consolidation
Public test-net launch

Q2/3 2019
Programmable privacy
Security audit
Consensus node and wallet (stable release)

Q3/4 2019
Main-net launch
Developer toolchain and documentation
Mobile wallet (Android/iOS)


Official Bounty Telegram Group:

For more information visit

•Whitepaper :


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Ethershift Token Ethershift

Tokens are ERC20 tokens, which represent 50% of the gross costs collected by Ethershift. Each transaction made on one of the
Ethershift products is 5%. The system automatically calculates the
gross costs collected by Ethershift after gas, and divides them into 2 wallets.

The use of BLOCKCHAIN ​​technology in this modern era is the best curtain of innovation. Blockchain technology has been implemented in various areas and areas such as finance, health, agriculture and education. At the beginning of the year, at the beginning of the year, a meeting was held with people who participated in the meetings that took place last year in the ETHERSHIFT at the end of the year, at the beginning of the year.

Cryptocurrency applications worldwide were lacking due to some setbacks. Decentralized stock market platform where people can easily convert their cryptocurrency. As I mentioned earlier, the chaos of the global exchange platform before the introduction of cryptocurrency gave many violations for all of them. This prompted ETHERSHIFT to introduce a new decentralized exchange.

Among the problems focused on Borsen’s face are:
Lack of transparency
Safety security

Have you ever had to trade on a platform for exchange with little or no reasonable trading costs, do not imagine that you have ever traded with a security system free of hacks in the stock market, have you ever imagined yourself as a cave trading with the exchange and fast process. ETHERSHIFT dies from answering all these questions
before the initial exchange of cryptography ETHERSHIFT, handlers have regular problems with cryptographic exchange with everyone as a result of hacks and uncertainty, handlers often lose money on some central exchanges.

More problems usually encountered by handlers, and slow confirmation and latency in transaction processing. This problem is a big problem in the trading room, because traders do not have time to wait until their payment payments are fully betting due to the high volatility. ETHERSHIFT platform with handlers. They don't need to worry about security and remove their tokens.

Other issues related to a centralized exchange platform are still high trading costs Lack of transparency. These problems have become the next big problem in the cryptocurrency trade sector, where the ETHERSHIFT platform has recognized this and is ready to provide permanent solutions for them. Most centralized platforms always charge high transaction costs, which corresponds to the advantages of handlers. This means that all traders of the trading platforms use in the name of trade and transaction fees, handlers are not always happy with this problem.

Crypto exchange entries were a problem for most other projects, because high commissions are levied on centralized exchange platforms that are usually not available to project developers. In addition to the question of the cost of quotations, the centralized stock exchange indicates more time to register erc20 in the stock market and, indeed, to the name of the evaluation and reading confirmation.

With the decentralized exchange of ETHERSHIFT, you don’t need to worry about the cost of listing high-level project developers and being back on their list of projects. Decentralization means the automation of a technological platform. Complete with BLOCKCHAIN, which is welcomed by the development
This TOKEN ETHERSHIFT data is an erc20 token on the ETHERSHIFT platform, because the form of incentives and transaction costs for owners and processors is used on platform A. The EtherShift platform has the function of burning tokens in Hollywood to reduce the number of tokens in circulation and increase the value of the token that supports persistence tokens

This is the erc20 token that will be used on the ETHERSHIFT platform as a form of transaction costs and incentives for holders and traders on the platform. The Ethershift platform introduced token functions to help reduce tokens in circulation and increase the value of tokens that will stimulate tokens.

Total token = 15>
000 000 9 000 000 Mark for available 3
000 000 people, dedicated to the marketing, promotion, distribution, Bounty, Advisers 3,000,000
allocated to team members
Hardcap => 2500 Ether
Main Stage 1: 5 - November 18, 2018.
The main stages of sales: December 3 - 16, 2018


road map

For more information, please follow the link below.

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AIDUS Global D-Fund Platform is a decentralized fund market established upon the ETHEREUM network to serve as a professional asset management platform in which global investors and asset management companies are able to use Blockchain technologies and SMART Contracts to safely and transparently create and settle into P2P (Peer-to-Peer) fund agreements.

Various information regarding the settled fund agreements shall be registered in the Blockchain network and shall continuously be updated through the Oracles* Agent.

This project, officially named as the ‘AIDUS Global D-Fund Platform (ADFP)’, is decentralized platform business by establishing a ‘decentralized fund market platform’ in which the AIDUS Coin will serve as the main currency that would be used for the signing and redemption of various fund portfolios.

The platform will connect global investors (the demand group for the asset management) with professional asset management companies, while it would supply the ‘Quant Trading System(QTS)’ to the asset management companies in order for them to create various high profit fund items, all aiming at truly revolutionizing and establishing a new ecosystem of global asset management market.

This ‘ADFP Business’ is the first ever unique project in the entire world that can only be pushed forward by the unique members here in the AIDUS Project Team.

What is AIDUS ?
The AIDUS Decentralized Fund Platform is a decentralized fund market established upon the ETHEREUM network to serve as a professional asset management platform in which global investors and asset management companies are able to use Blockchain and SMART Contracts to safely and transparently create and settle into P2P (Peer-to-Peer) fund agreements.

The core competitiveness of AIDUS is the technologies and know-hows in stably securing profits through the FOREX margin trading system in the FOREX market, enabling the AIDUS to penetrate the single largest market in the entire world, the global asset management.

The core innovations that the AIDUS will bring to the current cryptocurrency and the asset management market are:

Protection of coin holders (investors) through a coin model that equips the coin with fundamentals;

Realization of real currency value of the coin by enabling actual usage in the asset management (real economy);

Enabling decentralized fund market service providing a free access for signing global fund products and using various services on ADFP;

Providing various fund portfolios that are safe and high in yield rate to the entire world.

This way ADFP shall provide a true innovation that would tackle various problems that were inherent in the existing cryptocurrencies and as well as various pain points for in the investors and asset management companies.

The AIDUS Project Team now declares the innovative business model that can satisfy all core tasks as following:

· the establishment of a safe decentralized fund market system
· the utility coin being utilized in the gigantic asset management market
· the providing of a high-profit solution.

The AIDUS Business is composed of two different business models.

· FX System Trading Platform (QTS) Rental service business.
· Fund market platform business based on the AIDUS Coin(AID).

QTS Service Business refers to the servicing between the AISYS GLOBAL PTE. LTD(Headquarter) and asset management companies that have settled into contractual agreement to be listed at the ADFP (Fund Market) regarding creation and management of various high profit fund items. The basic profit model on this business area is to share the management fee and the performance fee (servicing fee) with hedge funds and finance companies that have settled into QTS Servicing Agreement.


Token SaleICO start date 01 Oct 2018
ICO end date 31 Jan 2019
ICO token supply 20,000,000,000
Soft cap 10,000,000 USD (fiat)
Hard cap size 20,000,000 USD (fiat)

Token details

Ticker AID
Type Cryptocurrency
Additional Token Emission No
Token distribution

37,7% – investors (escalation)
13,3% – investor (ICO)
10% – team
8% – bounty
10% – stabilization fund
1% – social contribution budget
10% – ecosystem develoment fund
10% – airdrop budget
Funds allocation
50% – management
10% – reserve
6% – development
10% – operation fund
5% – market research, analysis
7% – marketing
2% – professional consuting
10% – legal/accounting/taxation


Kyle Ahn

Alexey Grakov

Jason Yoo

Thorsten Schauer

Ted Min

David Chen

James Lee

Further information you can find through AIDUS websites:

Official website:

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Introducing BQT

While many Blockchain experts are trying to find more ways to marry a CRYPTO with FIAT, MB believes in reducing its dependence on FIAT. Each Crypto property has its own value and can be used as a negotiating tool for obtaining other Crypto properties. They believe that the desired Crypto assets can be realized with significant traders and are discussed directly by traders.

The BQT Exchange platform provides a secure, interactive and flexible P2P transaction environment and an easy-to-use interface for managing various types of transactions, including some encrypted assets. The management platform allows global traders to negotiate transactions with property, interacting directly with each other and sharing experience with the community. BQT cryptoactive assets represents the Hedge transaction system. Unlike Margin and Futures Trading, hedge trading is a flexible way to acquire traders.


Many projects and companies must provide products and services that facilitate the use of electronic money for key users and create the infrastructure for applications running on blocking blocks. the public. While the electronic money industry is important and the actors, today there are four large electronic money industries:
Payment Companies
Exchange is one of the first services that appear in the electronic money industry: the first exchange was created in early 2010 as a project that allowed users to start trading Bitcoin and, therefore, market prices. In today's world, cryptographic exchanges offer services for the purchase and sale of electronic money and other digital assets and other electronic money and play an important role in the electronic money economy. providing market liquidity and opening prices.

Exchange P2P Broker
In the past few weeks of March 2018, local markets and other volumes of trade on the P2P platform have increased dramatically in various markets, with global growth of $ 75 million per week. Canadian and European P2P markets produce record volumes. In March, the transaction generated a record 580 million. Records per week on Localbitcoins, and the P2P transaction - the second largest volume with an increase of 3.725 billion VND.
Binnance element succeeded
Beyond ICO, Binance has grown rapidly in popularity, creating a much simpler approach to trading, and now it is a real alternative to Bittrex and other major trading platforms. Some elements of Binance have proven that they promote market adoption:
but. Become also an independent FIAT exchange related legal aspect.
b. Allows your traders to quickly open accounts for trading.
with. Use your token to use with a transaction fee of 50% discount.
e. A list of several tags and transactions after ICO ERC20, showing the Blockchain promise about innovations and the use of tokens.
e. Allows you to make large daily exits and quick deposits from multiple coin wallets / different tokens.

Commercial fencing options

While many Blockchain specialists are trying to find more ways to marry a CRYPTO with FIAT, MB believes in reducing its dependence on FIAT. Each Crypto property has its own meaning and can be used as a negotiating tool for obtaining a different Crypto property.They believe that the desired assets of Crypto can be realized with significant traders and agreed directly by the trader. In addition, they believe that cryptoactive stocks are now required on the market. Despite the fact that the BQ team has developed an innovative and powerful tool, it is difficult to realize margin trading and options in real P2P environments.allowing traders to create short-term hedging transactions. ,
Number of active users

According to the new report of the Cambridge alternative financial center, the number of active users of an active e-wallet ranges from 2.9 million to 5.8 million.
Although it is almost impossible to know exactly how many people use e-money, the Cambridge financial center estimates that from 2.9 to 5.8 million users use e-wallets. 2017

Distribute token

Distribution of funds

Project roadmap


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Capverto Exchange is a crypto currency exchange that was built with highly level security measure to establish a trading platform where traders can trade comfortable with without stress because is built on a world class facilities with a robust and sophisticated software to meet the present and future demand of the SEC compliance for effective trading ecosystem. Capverto Exchange is the first decentralize exchange that uses the block chain technology to issuance crypto asset and create an efficient peer to peer lending system that is durable for a long period of time. This a movement and revolution to change the old way of lending and borrowing money from individual and cooperate organization in transparent and most friendly manner.

Looking seriously on the use and operations of the financial intuitions, either the credit residence, banks or corporative lenders, one will see its simply a group serving a carved out niche of the financial system. One component bizarre about this financial institution is that for a patron to transact with them, you need to have an energetic account with them and be equipped to be energetic with them or drop a few collaterals before you could make way with it or maybe cozy a small mortgage.
But, little did it became clean that the percentage of the sector population that actively use financial institution for his or her traction, both inside the storing and commercial enterprise deal or for fund sourcing is so minimum initially. the proportion of an unbanked and underbanked population is so much and that is due to a number of the heavy forms that plaque the economic organization.
How do we circulate ahead, and improve this, caused the advent of prepaid cards? This is the card the proprietor wants not open a special bank account with the bank, however, can simply purchase the cardboard already loaded with cash, or deposit cash without delay into the card.

This new creation brings many near the monetary organization, in which you don’t want to have a bank account, you only want a card and also you keep recharging it. And this also enables people in many other ways. The playing cards are smooth to use, and recharge, and with the introduced gain that if you have a mindset of overspending, you can effortlessly recharge your card base on what you assume to spend for the month and assist curtail your spending.
This additionally protects the person in opposition to huge loss specifically when such cards are stolen or misplaced or snatched, given that its now not all of your saving. And that is the heritage upon which CAPVERTO change platform who's a cryptocurrency platform is prepared to build her platform on.

Cryptocurrency came at such a time while the entire global economy is regulated through nearly an unmarried forex. the use of fiat forex is dominant and has the climax to the point where anyone seeks for a bailout card from the device. Thank God for the cryptocurrency introduction and the diversification of the exchange gadget, and a newer manner to store asset value.

CAPVERTO alternate is about to merge or bridge the space among the fiat currency and the cryptocurrency via using pay as you go cards.

The vision of the platform is a change wherein you can withdraw your cryptocurrency at once out through cashpoint as local foreign money. So after you buy into the platform token and your inventory up and acquire the pay as you go playing cards which can be in grades and package deal base on what people account to keep, and this open unlimited world of latest opportunities.

The pay as you go cards may be used for daily hobby commercial enterprise deal settling, the point of sale terminals, help to manipulate your spending and prevent getting your self into debt and regretting at the end of the month, and the large game of all of it is. With a just mobile cellphone, you could recharge your pay as you go CAPVERTO card and keep shifting. The CAPVERTO trade platform has come to provide a handful of gain to users, making unbanked and underbanked to additionally experience the chocolates of an economic institution with just meager expenses per transaction, which is going return to the users and additionally permit them to make the most the use of cryptocurrency.


The capverto is utility token .the token that will be use as means transaction to other currency pairs on the capverto exchange and also to purchase capverto exchange product .capverto exchange is already on the ico stages
Token Name: Capverto
Token Ticker: Cap
Total Supply: 250,000,000
Soft Cap: 1,125,000 Cap
Hard Cap: 171,375,000 Cap
Price 1 Cap = 1.82 Usd
Mvp/Prototype: Available
Platform Standard : Ethereum
Mode Of Payment : Eth

Road map


capverto exchange team have reputation and proven result with years of expereince in the finance and blockchain industry

In conlcusion capverto exchange is making cryptocurrency to be adopted massively because of the unique feature which is summarize in the table below:

For more info about the unique project please kindly visit the link below:

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ZEUX – The First Crypto Mobile Payment and Investment Application ZEUX is an official account service provider (AISP) and payment initiat...