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About Poinscoin

Most IСО does not have real products during the crowdsale. They can change their vision and strategy. Poinscoin has real products and we must maintain our financing facilities so that our asset holders maximize production. So following a road map is very important for Poinscoin , because the interests of its founders are the same as those of others! They also have owners and benefit from highly successful operations.

The cryptocurrency trade is growing very rapidly and has spread to almost all parts of the world. The cryptocurrency exchange market is similar to the stock market and the currency market, where traders can trade shares of companies, commodities or fiat currencies. However, the stock market and currencies have many limitations, such as the duration of the negotiation, stock purchase regulations, investment rules, business strategy rules, intermediation rules and fraud, arbitration and the legal principles of each country. This is very difficult for ordinary people and third parties with high rates between merchants and markets.

The POINS platform is based on the blockchain technology that uses the Scrypt algorithm with high transaction speeds. Integrated Cryptocurrency System (POINS) "Three Platform One Coin". Complete trading platform (, Reliable payment platform ( and Easy start incubation platform (

With previous experience, we have worked in successful ICO and now we are working as a team and creating business concepts that we call POINS. POINS (Cryptocurrency Integrated System) is the name we choose and considers it very representative of all the projects in which we will work.

Poinscoin Advantage

  • COIN POINTS are digital assets that allow extraction by any person and anywhere. You can get CURRENCY POINTS without buying in the market if you position yourself as a miner.
  • Holders of COIN POINTS have the advantage of obtaining various discounts on transaction fees and can even eliminate the transaction fees made through the POINS portfolio (
  • Pein to Peer POINTS can be used to pay for anything related to crypto on the POINS platform. This can also be used to pay for products or services online that accept cryptography using the POINS portfolio add-on (
  • The distribution of COIN POINTS is unique, so it will maintain price stability and also double the profits for ICO investors.
  • Airdrop COIN POINTS to increase the enthusiasm of each project.
  • CURRENCY POINTS can be exchanged with other cryptocurrencies and also with fiat.
  • COIN POINTS will be used as a voting tool for each project to be implemented.
  • Instant transaction of COIN POINTS using the POINS portfolio (
  • Start-up incubator where your bright ideas can be realized with POINTS.
  • IIN COIN POINTS are unique and offer investors multiple income potential. COIN POINTS obtained from ICO will be accounted for as temporary property of the company with the applicable terms and conditions.

POINS Wallet (POINSPAY) is a multi-currency wallet that can store various types of altcoins. Advanced features and world-class security are protected by the multiple signature technology of POINS portfolios for their customers.

How does Poinscoin work?

Our ecosystem is based on Blockchain technology and can solve current and future problems.

  • Its ecosystem is based on Blockchain technology and can solve current and future problems.
  • They build blockchain technology.
  • Sole ico with 50% profit sharing, 30% additional coins and 15% commission per recommendation.
  • Increase profits with a full commercial platform (POINSDEX.COM).
  • Easy and economical e-commerce transactions with POINSPAY.COM that integrate many altcoins.
  • Your start with POINSKU.COM

Currency currency

Poinscoin is a digital asset that is built using a decentralized system. Blockchain itself uses a Script algorithm to allow mining to differ from tokens that do not have their own blockchain. Coins POINS are created as a fair, transparent and reliable fundraising platform that can be used by

everyone in any part of the world.

Token information
ICO PIN token price 1 PIN = 0.001 ETH


  • Phase 1 50% 
  • Phase 2 40% 
  • Phase 3 20%

Tokens sold 20,000,000

Investment information

Min. 0.5 investment ETH

receives ETH, BTC
distributed in 22% ICO

** Soft Seal of 3,000,000 PIN **

Hard Seal of 20,000,000 PIN


  • Scrypt Algorithm Total 
  • supply 90,000,000 
  • ICO PIN 30,000,000 
  • Mining 
  • PIN 60,000,000 Reward PIN 50 PIN per 
  • Halfing Block 600,000 blocks

--- Road map ---

Q1 2018

Formation of a team.

Q2 2018

Making Concepts, Prototypes and Strategies.
P3 2018
POINTS Website.

Q4 2018

Start ICO. Web Wallet.
Windows wallet.
Linux wallet

** Q1 2019 **

Distribution (Instant & Plus).
Poins Trading Platform ( Alpha version (Internal Market).
Income from CURRENCY POINTS to the foreign market.
Coinmarketcap (CMC).

P2 2019

Poins Trading Platform ( Beta Version (Internal Market).
List of main currencies in the POINS of the commercial platform (
Entry CURRENCY POINTS to the internal market.

Q3 2019 alpha version
Registration of major currencies at CURRENCY POINTS
registered at

Q4 2019 beta version with the addition of the
Alt Trading application for Android and iOS.

Q1 2020 for Android and iOS.

P2 2020

Launch of shopping cart add-on (Serves as an electronic commerce payment solution for more than 20 integrated currencies).
The third quarter of 2020
integrates more than 50 alternative currencies in and

Q4 2020

Roadshows, Seminars, Workshops, Introduction Poins.

Q1 2021


T2 2021

Collect, analyze, review, POINTS of the audit proposals.

Q3 2021

Incubation of new projects.


Extensive Marketing and Maintenance Projects.


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Author: Tejo_surty
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Muzika from Korea is affiliated with Mapiacompany, a leading digital music communication platform and collaboration platform. By 2015, the founders of Muzika saw opportunities in the online music industry and started the Mapiacompany online music platform. In just over three years, Mapiacompany has become the number 1 global music platform with over 2 million users.

Unlike other ICOs, Muzika will have a powerful and ecosystem of 17,000 artists from more than 30 countries providing content and 2 million users from more than 150 countries to consume content. and support the artists in community activities. This will be done by integrating existing or soon-to-be-developed platforms by Mapiacompany for the Muzika Ecosystem.

The research team behind Muzika has a successful startup history and good business skills, being awarded the Forbes 30 Under 30 Asia Award in 2018. The project has financial support from many venture capitals, NEO Bridge and cooperate with blockchain projects such as Ontology.

Blockchain technology has wiped out the world and using the tokenization model has helped revolutionize many industries. It’s time for the music industry to grow. The last revolution in the music industry is the iPod. The birth of the iPod a decade ago has given a legacy not to be missed, however, there are still many challenges for musicians. Artists like not earning enough money and losing fan base due to no incentive mechanism to reward fans for loyalty and support.

Welcome to Muzika
Muzika understands these fundamental challenges and introduces an ecosystem in the Muzika platform, where fans will be rewarded with loyalty points for their various community activities. Not only that, fans will have the opportunity to donate directly to their favorite artists, support them and receive exclusive benefits.

For artists, the Muzika ecosystem will provide a larger user base to consume artist creativity and cut distributors. Platform commitment rates, thus maximizing their profits and earnings.

For transparency and fair distribution, the use of blockchain technology of smart contracts will allow automatic and immediate transfer of the token. No longer users in the ecosystem must wait until the end of the month to obtain loyalty points or worry about whether the transfer of the token is distributed fairly and accurately.

In addition, the use of blockchain will bring peace of mind to artists because all content information (eg owner, timestamp) will be stored safely in the blockchain.

The main functions will be the focal point in the Muzika platform:

  • community support for artists by building brainstorming groups, crowd funding, feedback exchanges, etc. 
  • Provided for community members Copied markets for streaming, music, and more. 
  • Sponsor the opportunity for fans to support their favorite artists and to reap the benefits of exclusive products, services and sponsorships to participate in the creative process of a music product. 

Community events and events such as auditions, contests, live streaming events.

Muzika is a progressive penny economy that will change the digital watch industry worldwide. On some aspects, Muzika has revolutionized the tracking business by using a consistent and unbiased digital music ecosystem that would:

  • Eliminate Neutral Neutrality, 
  • By Empowering Musicians and Consumers, 
  • Distributing Electricity and 
  • To Restore Currency Stability Of Distributors Between Market Participants. 

Muzika still holds the promise of the future, where compensation for creating music is proportional to effort and dedication to the creative process.

Over the past two decades, the industry has undergone two major model changes in the past: from “visible albums” to “invisible files” and from online downloads.

The previous song was made more hands-on and popular, and the second song was added to the cash flow in the industry. However, the profitability of the musicians has decreased.

Distributors and publishers enjoy rich and lasting profits for one-off and uncomplicated work. The issue of digital piracy remains unresolved. Fans hoped to see their favorite artists happy, but nowhere to fill rather than have a digital song packed through distributors and publishers.

Muzika is ready to undo the sad truth in today’s digital music market. From A to Z, we will replace the digital business settings and redefine the role of relevant market players, including consumers and musicians. The Muzika Coin (MZK) will be the only means for all transactions and exchanges needed in new ecosystems, creating a paradigm shift in the digital music industry. ,,

Among the many difficulties and solutions proposed on the path of Muzyma, I courageously invite you to participate in this creative project.

I am sure that you, you and all of us will feel the benefits of regaining the greatness and greatness that Muzika has applied in transforming the world of digital tracking.

How will Muzika revolutionize the music industry?
Muzika builds an ecosystem driven by artists and fans who are loyal to their dedication and dedication to the creation and consumption of music.

For fans:
Fans will be rewarded for various community events (e.g., sharing, for example) with loyalty points being converted into MZK coins. Fans can use MZK coins to sponsor their favorite artists, help them and get exclusive benefits, such as the chance to enjoy premium products, services and funding. rights. Experience the everyday life of your favorite artists and take part in the creative process of a piece of music.

For artists:
Unlike social media platforms like Facebook, the user base in Muzika will not only function in social events (such as commenting or sharing), but can also Sponsors for the artists who love it. they like it.

The Muzika ecosystem will also include production support to create music albums that allow you to create music without having to apply for a label. A large user base and integration with popular platforms, such as Mapia, will help to consume larger artist content and be rewarded for their work.

In addition, the Muzika platform will provide community-based programs and events, such as contests, contests, and live streaming events, which will help new artists create and name them. .

Why block?
Smart contract for transparent and fair distribution: A smart contract will allow for automatic and immediate transfer of the token. No longer waiting until the end of the month to get loyalty points or worry about whether the delivery of the tokens is distributed fairly and accurately.

Content ownership: Using blockchain, all information about the content (for example, the owner) will be securely stored in the database, allowing interested parties to check whether any copies Indiscriminate is the legal owner of any content ownership.

Website :

Whitepaper :


Telegram :

Twitter :


Author: Tejo_surty
Eth Address: 0xF9BC056454948A5D645c86708243A9C7d9578334



Internet-Geld hat die Monetarisierung von Ideen ermöglicht, die den Weg für eine technologische Revolution ebneten, die vor ein paar Jahren undenkbar war. UCIM träumt davon, die Dezentralisierung im wahrsten Sinne des Wortes zu katalysieren, indem er Menschen und Experten zusammenbringt, die an seine Macht glauben.

UCIM ist eine Blockchain- und Cryptowährungskonferenz, die am 26. und 27. November 2018 in Singapur stattfindet. Mit futuristischen Technologien, die den Weg für ein besseres Morgen ebnen, indem sie die Kluft zwischen der physischen und der digitalen Welt verringern, ist die nahtlose Integration von Internet-Geld für eine dezentrale Wirtschaft nun eine Realität, die sich manifestieren muss. Ziel von UCIM ist es, eine Plattform zu schaffen, die Start-ups, Vordenker, Investoren und Medien zusammenbringt, um die kombinierten Stärken dezentraler und potenzieller Branchen und deren Auswirkungen auf die Wirtschaft zu erforschen. Interessante Diskussionen, Investitionsmöglichkeiten und einzigartige Netzwerke, um nachhaltige und dauerhafte Partnerschaften, Ideen und Träume zu etablieren – UCIM bietet alles.

Somit bietet diese Veranstaltung einen Mittelweg zwischen traditionellen zentralisierten Strukturen und Ideen, die aus einer dezentralisierten Wirtschaft hervorgehen. Mit diesem unbegrenzten und reibungslosen Netzwerk wird die Welt Zeuge der Integration von Technologie, Business, Ideen und Träumen.

Von der Vision zur Realität .

Die Veranstaltung zielt darauf ab, die wachsende globale Neugier zu befriedigen, indem die richtigen Informationen, Expertenmeinungen und relevante Inhalte rund um futuristische Technologie mit einem unkonventionellen Ansatz bereitgestellt werden.

Die UCIM-Konferenz wurde so konzipiert, dass sie mehrere Veranstaltungen und Gelegenheiten umfasst, die für exklusive Netzwerke genutzt werden können, Partnerschaften in geschlossenen Gruppen von gleichgesinnten Fachleuten eingehen und an verschiedenen Veranstaltungen teilnehmen können. UCIM wird eine Plattform bieten, um dauerhafte Verbindungen aufzubauen, indem Events wie Pitching, Crypto Trading, Awards, Round Tables, private Netzwerke und After Parties abgehalten werden.


Blockchain-Fans, Kryptowährung, FinTech, KI, ML und andere Next-Gen-Technologien aus der ganzen Welt werden UCIM besuchen. Mit einer ausgewogenen Mischung aus Investoren, Vordenkern, Startups und Medien wird diese Veranstaltung eine Plattform sein, um den Geist der Dezentralisierung und Innovation zu verbreiten.

Startups, die mit futuristischer Technologie Veränderungen im globalen Geschäftsumfeld bewirken können

Gedanken des DenkersUm zukünftige Führungskräfte mit Best Practices und inspirierenden Gedanken auszustatten.

Um Konferenzen zu erfassen, die alle Branchen und Technologien abdecken, die Schlagzeilen machen.

Um schlagkräftige Investoren zu gewinnen und wertvolle Verbindungen zu Vordenkern und Medien zu knüpfen.


UCIM wird zusammen mit dem Gründer der außergewöhnlichen Blockchain- und Krypto-Unternehmen einige der besten Redner der Branche antreffen, um den gegenseitigen Fortschritt voranzutreiben. Wenn agile Experten mit Experten aus der ganzen Welt interagieren und sich mit ihnen vernetzen und ihre Ansichten zu den drängendsten Themen gewohnt sind, kann sie die Neo-Revolution auslösen.


David Siegel
CEO, Projekt Säule

Bruce Porter Jr.CEO, Global Boost

Igor TschugunowCEO, Kredit

Natan AvidanCEO, ORCA-Allianz


Olga FeldmeierGeschäftsführer, Smart Valor

Pavel SalasCEO, Tokenbox

Manny FernandezCEO, DreamFunded

Rana GujralBerater, Investor

Dmitry LevitMitra, Cento Ventures

Andriy ZinchukCEO, ICOBox

Babu MunagalaCEO, Zebi

Mohit MamoriaCEO, Authorito Capital

Hailey HuInvestor, B Capital Group

Kiren TannaCEO, ZEN-Räume

Mark PuiMitra, Cipher Ventures

Vincent LimCEO, Fanfare

Daniel MorosowMitbegründer, Nodepower

Anastasia PlotnikowaCOO, Global Application Cannabis Corp.

Alex CromptonMD, erster Unternehmer

Vishal GuptaGeschäftsführer, Diro Labs

Nikolai OreschkinGeschäftsführer, Elysium Venture Capital

Tuhea SinghGeschäftsführer, Propine Capital

Nathan ChristianMitbegründer, Malta Blockchain Association

Brian WeePartner, 8 Kapita

Varun ChatterjiAngel Investor

Prashant KirtaneGeschäftsführer,

Mohan BelaniGeschäftsführer, e27

Nebil ich AissaCEO, Investor di Nexxo & Qpay

Aloysius WeeVorsitzende, ASEAN Legal Alliance

Kommt bald

Kommt bald

Kommt bald

Kommt bald

Weitere Informationen zu UCIM finden Sie unter 


Author: Tejo_surty
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iOU – True P2P E-Commerce Loyalty Platform

best wishes to all of us today we are in a position to enter a new era, called the blockchain or, more precisely, ‘Internet Value’, which is based on digital goods. Blockchain allows us to exchange digital assets anytime anywhere in the world. Like traditional registers, blockchain is basically a transaction log. This transaction can be in the form of an exchange of money, goods or data. Decentralized applications and decentralization generally tend to capture all new technologies, important steps taken in this field that are now beginning to attract more revenue streams from visionary investors.

Now I want to introduce you to one of the startups this year called iOU . I will explain to you about this start-up, official sales of chips, teams, and potential.

IOU reinvented the existing loyalty system to provide traders with flexibility, control and more benefits to ensure the highest possible level of customer satisfaction for marketing expenses incurred. IOU’s “loyalty system” allows business owners to create new levels of interaction with consumers and, most importantly, provides opportunities for consumers to freely exchange the IOUs they buy with other consumers for other IOUs that are needed more for the trading parties. Each Consumer will truly be an “agent” who targets other Consumers in P2P exchanges who want to trade their IOUs obtained with other Consumers based on their needs and value at the time of the transaction.

Tentang IOU

The global eCommerce market has shown explosive growth in recent years and its future is expected to boom. In 2017, global e-retail sales of 2.3 trillion US dollars and projections showed growth of 4.48 trillion US dollars in 2021. This amazing growth was mainly driven by consumers using their mobile devices to obtain goods and services.

In this highly competitive environment, finding and acquiring new customers can be a big challenge for traders. In addition, 53% of adults living in high-income households claimed to be willing to switch brands to use coupons.
The challenge for players in this giant market is key, including customer loyalty, achieving profitable long-term growth, and choosing the right technology and partners, among others.
At the same time, the evolution of extraordinary blockchain technology radically changes the way many markets operate. Important USPs from blockchain such as transparency, coherence, cost effectiveness and effective integration with processes at all levels of the business can bring endless e-commerce market opportunities.
Now, imagine the explosive combination of e-commerce, blockchain technology, and cryptocurrency: the IOU platform, the right P2P e-commerce loyalty platform on blockchain.

It aims to empower Blockchain Merchants and Consumers with decentralized and safe Peer-to-Peer technology that encourages customer satisfaction and loyalty through tradable IOU trading. The IOU platform managed to overcome many challenges in the e-commerce segment.

IOU launched the IOUX token and a promising Initial Coin Offering (ICO) campaign. Below you will find all the relative information on the IOU along with the ICO campaign specifications. Be part of the blockchain revolution in e-commerce!

Train Global E-Commerce Digital

  • Total global population: 7,476 billion people. Urbanization reaches 54%
  • Internet users: 3,773 billion. Penetration reaches 50%
  • Active social media users: 2,789 billion. Penetration stands at 37%
  • Unique mobile user: 4,917 billion. Penetration reaches 66%
  • Active cellular social users: 2,549 billion. Penetration stands at 34%


  • Token – IOUX
  • IOUX TOKENS PUBLISHED – 800,000,000
  • Price 1 BQTX = 0.00125 ETH
  • 800 IOUX TOKENS = 1
  • Platform ETH – Ethereum
  • Received –
  • Country ETH –
  • White List of UK / KYC – KYC & White List


iOU will have its own token named IOUX, it will be type ERC20 and it will drip the ethereum platform.


Team & Advisor

Further technical details at the address listed below:


Author: Tejo_surty
Eth Address: 0xF9BC056454948A5D645c86708243A9C7d9578334

Poinscoin About Poinscoin Most IСО does not have real products during the crowdsale. They can change their vision and strategy. Poins...