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iOU – True P2P E-Commerce Loyalty Platform

best wishes to all of us today we are in a position to enter a new era, called the blockchain or, more precisely, ‘Internet Value’, which is based on digital goods. Blockchain allows us to exchange digital assets anytime anywhere in the world. Like traditional registers, blockchain is basically a transaction log. This transaction can be in the form of an exchange of money, goods or data. Decentralized applications and decentralization generally tend to capture all new technologies, important steps taken in this field that are now beginning to attract more revenue streams from visionary investors.

Now I want to introduce you to one of the startups this year called iOU . I will explain to you about this start-up, official sales of chips, teams, and potential.

IOU reinvented the existing loyalty system to provide traders with flexibility, control and more benefits to ensure the highest possible level of customer satisfaction for marketing expenses incurred. IOU’s “loyalty system” allows business owners to create new levels of interaction with consumers and, most importantly, provides opportunities for consumers to freely exchange the IOUs they buy with other consumers for other IOUs that are needed more for the trading parties. Each Consumer will truly be an “agent” who targets other Consumers in P2P exchanges who want to trade their IOUs obtained with other Consumers based on their needs and value at the time of the transaction.

Tentang IOU

The global eCommerce market has shown explosive growth in recent years and its future is expected to boom. In 2017, global e-retail sales of 2.3 trillion US dollars and projections showed growth of 4.48 trillion US dollars in 2021. This amazing growth was mainly driven by consumers using their mobile devices to obtain goods and services.

In this highly competitive environment, finding and acquiring new customers can be a big challenge for traders. In addition, 53% of adults living in high-income households claimed to be willing to switch brands to use coupons.
The challenge for players in this giant market is key, including customer loyalty, achieving profitable long-term growth, and choosing the right technology and partners, among others.
At the same time, the evolution of extraordinary blockchain technology radically changes the way many markets operate. Important USPs from blockchain such as transparency, coherence, cost effectiveness and effective integration with processes at all levels of the business can bring endless e-commerce market opportunities.
Now, imagine the explosive combination of e-commerce, blockchain technology, and cryptocurrency: the IOU platform, the right P2P e-commerce loyalty platform on blockchain.

It aims to empower Blockchain Merchants and Consumers with decentralized and safe Peer-to-Peer technology that encourages customer satisfaction and loyalty through tradable IOU trading. The IOU platform managed to overcome many challenges in the e-commerce segment.

IOU launched the IOUX token and a promising Initial Coin Offering (ICO) campaign. Below you will find all the relative information on the IOU along with the ICO campaign specifications. Be part of the blockchain revolution in e-commerce!

Train Global E-Commerce Digital

  • Total global population: 7,476 billion people. Urbanization reaches 54%
  • Internet users: 3,773 billion. Penetration reaches 50%
  • Active social media users: 2,789 billion. Penetration stands at 37%
  • Unique mobile user: 4,917 billion. Penetration reaches 66%
  • Active cellular social users: 2,549 billion. Penetration stands at 34%


  • Token – IOUX
  • IOUX TOKENS PUBLISHED – 800,000,000
  • Price 1 BQTX = 0.00125 ETH
  • 800 IOUX TOKENS = 1
  • Platform ETH – Ethereum
  • Received –
  • Country ETH –
  • White List of UK / KYC – KYC & White List


iOU will have its own token named IOUX, it will be type ERC20 and it will drip the ethereum platform.


Team & Advisor

Further technical details at the address listed below:


Author: Tejo_surty
Eth Address: 0xF9BC056454948A5D645c86708243A9C7d9578334

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